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Currently openings for all ages!

Team Dek performs for KMTV's Morning Blend Show.  See the
Little Lambs Workshop

Master Dek and his Instructor Corps conduct various workshops throughout the year for interested schools, daycares, businesses and organizations.  These workshops can emphasize self-defense or encompass Tae Kwon Do itself.  The purpose of the workshops is to provide an introduction to Traditional Tae Kwon Do and give a practical education to interested individuals.  


Notably, Dek's Tae Kwon Do School has worked with the South Omaha Boys and Girls Club to offer a workshop for underprivileged children who have an interest in Tae Kwon Do.  Additionally, Master Dek and the instructors work together with the Omaha Symphony to offer annual Tae Kwon Do workshops to middle and high school students as part of the Symphony's "Celebrate Creativity" program.

Master Dek also conducts a "Women's Self-Defense" workshop for young ladies and women to assist them in becoming better prepared to defend themselves in situations where they may be the victim of a violent crime.  Recently Master Dek has introduced a "Children's Self-Defense" workshop designed teach young ones how to protect themselves against schoolyard bullies as well as the more dangerous predators they may encounter. 

Click on the photo above to view a slideshow from the Little Lambs Workshop held June 19 for twenty-four energetic children aged 3-5.

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