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Team Dek performs for KMTV's Morning Blend Show.  See the

Dek's Tae Kwon Do School offers instruction in Tae Kwon Do that is based on a tradition of excellence.  The lineage of the instructors can be traced directly to the Chung Do Kwan; Korea's first formalized Tae Kwon Do School.  Since its inception in 1944, the Chung Do Kwan was instrumental in making Tae Kwon Do the recognized national martial art of Korea.  It was the early Masters of the Chung Do Kwan who brought Tae Kwon Do to the world.

Dek's Tae Kwon Do School was founded on the premise that persons of all ages and walks of life can benefit from the study of traditional Tae Kwon Do.  It is not merely for the young or swift of foot.  With the instruction offered at Dek's Tae Kwon Do School the student can expect to reap not only the physical benefits of Tae Kwon Do, but the mental and spiritual benefits as well.

The school operates according to the motto "Dedicated to Success."  The training environment reinforces the belief that all persons can experience success by utilizing highly motivated, talented instructors who employ "tried and true" methods of teaching.  Dek's Tae Kwon Do School strives to produce quality martial artists who can believe in themselves.

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