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Dek-Flying Side Kick

Martial arts began their development over two thousand years ago as a means of self preservation.  The various martial arts are actually different methods of hand-to-hand combat.  Some make use of weapons, but most use “empty” hands or unarmed combat techniques.  Every civilization has at one time or another experienced threat and, as a result, members have needed to defend themselves.  Over the centuries, primitive techniques and fighting styles had been redefined and organized into effective fighting systems.  Tae Kwon Do is one of many such fighting systems.

With the systemization of martial arts came the realization that the mind was a significant force in mastering and utilizing fighting skills.  For early martial artists, facing death led to self-discovery and recognition of fear.  With the reality of death came the necessary need to hone fighting skills to perfection. 

Warriors subsequently learned the importance being focused and free of fear during battle.  These warriors trained themselves unmercifully in order to learn to overcome the physical limits of pain and how to overcome stress and fear when faced with imminent death.  They learned that mastering the body required mastering the mind as well.  The body and mind are inseparable.

The early martial artists discovered through intense physical and mental training that in reality nothing is of any significance.  Neither who you were nor what you will be (the past or the future) is of importance.  The only thing of significance is what you are now.  This is referred to as enlightenment – the process by which the essence of “being” is revealed.  As societies progressed, enlightenment became the ultimate goal in martial arts.  The martial arts were no longer solely about the perfection of physical skills, but about uniting the body and spirit as one.

The practice of traditional Tae Kwon Do continues to pursue the goal of mastering both the body and the mind.  Even today people study the martial arts as a way of bettering themselves both physically and mentally.  Accomplished instructors in the art of Tae Kwon Do have the ability to teach their students to master both body and mind and attain enlightenment.

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