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Team Dek performs for KMTV's Morning Blend Show.  See the

In the martial arts "world" there are many tournaments to attend, many people to meet and many schools to visit.  Knowledge is shared, friends are made and affiliations are created.  The following are links to various websites of practitioners and schools that share our enthusiasm for the martial arts.

  • Dek's Taekwondo School was invited to perform with the Omaha Symphony for the 2013 Symphony Spooktacular.  One of the perks was that a select group of students was asked to perform on KMTV's Morning Blend Show.

  • While attending the Martial Arts Supershow in Orlando, Florida in July 2008, Master Dek, Instr. Stevens, Instr. Giles, Instr. O'Gara and Shawn Sterkel met the legendary Bill "Superfoot" Wallace.  Master Wallace was gracious enough to pose for this photo.                                  

  • Master Wallace

  • Master Dek had the privilege of meeting a gentleman by the name of Steve Hellers back in the '80's. Mr. Hellers participated in a WTKDA tournament in Omaha, Nebraska.  Mr. Hellers has since put together a website giving credit to the many people who have influenced him during his martial arts journey.  Here you will find a photo of Master Dek standing with Mr. Hellers.  Check out the portion of Mr. Heller's website titled "Martial Arts: People."  This site also contains a lot of Tae Kwon Do history and is very up-to-date.  Learn more in Mr. Heller's "Martial Arts."

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