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Currently openings for all ages!

Team Dek performs for KMTV's Morning Blend Show.  See the

"Team Dek" consists of those students who demonstrate a better than average desire to excel at Tae Kwon Do.  Students are encouraged to practice more complicated techniques and board breaking skills in order to create awe-inspiring demonstrations.  All of this is accomplished in a team-oriented atmosphere where groups of individuals must perform as one.

Team Dek has had the privilege of performing with the Omaha Symphony in the "Symphony Spooktacular" at the Holland Performing Arts Center in 2009, 2010 and for two performances in 2013.  The practices were grueling, but the end result was well worth it with the performers receiving standing ovations.  Thanks to Ernest Richardson, the Omaha Symphony and everyone else for the amazing experience. 

In addition, Team Dek has performed in competitions across the country winning awards and capturing audiences' attention.  As their reputation grows, so do the expectations and the students love it!


Team Dek prepares to perform side-by-side with the Omaha Symphony.

In the theme of Star Wars, good and evil prepare to battle.

The tension builds.

The battle has begun!

Daniel T. jumping front kick break.

Jacob jumping front kick break.

Instructor Stevens with the finale.

The "Force" is victorious!

Performers for the 2010 "Symphony Spooktacular.'

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