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Currently openings for all ages!

Team Dek performs for KMTV's Morning Blend Show.  See the

Master Dek believes strongly in guiding the children of today into becoming strong adults of tomorrow.  There are serious challenges facing our young people and the more prepared they are to deal with these challenges, the more successful they will be.  Master Dek teaches Tae Kwon Do in a manner that develops the whole person - physically, mentally and spiritually. 

The photos below show examples of children performing at their best in an environment that fosters respect for themselves, other students and the instructors.  Click on the photos to see what the future holds.


Manon coaches Keevin as he practices his hyung (forms).

Manon practices under the watchful eye of Master Dek.

Kelton shows his strong technique.

Brenden sets the example for the rest of the class.

Brenden executes a solid knife-hand strike!

Brenden delivers a roundhouse kick as he performs his hyung.

Brenden finishes strong - Master Dek is watching!

Keevin works hard to improve his performance.

Nice technique, Keevin!

Manon shows her precision, power and attitude.

Manon practices a Black Belt hyung.

Brenden delivers a roundhouse kick as part of his one-step combination.

Brenden kicks high over Emily's head.

Brenden practices his one-step combinations with Manon.

Gavin demonstrates he can control his opponent.

Emily practices using her side kick as a form of self-defense.

Keevin attacks with a front kick.

Keevin knocks the punch away with a crescent kick.

Manon executes a jumping side kick.

Manon sends a wheel kick to her opponent's head.

Brenden delivers a high side kick.

Taylor attacks with attitude!

Brenden controls his attacker and delivers an elbow to the spine.

Manon and Keevin practice their one-step combinations.

Keevin understands the importance of not moving!

Brenden helps Serenity learn her one-step combinations.

Brenden delivers a spinning elbow to his target.

Anya returns the favor with an uppercut.

Master Dek helps Brenden attain perfect kicking techniques.

Gavin delivers a side kick as he demonstrates a free-sparring combination.

Brenden also demonstrates the side kick.

Brenden and Anya spar during class.

Manon delivers a side kick as she spars Brenden.

Brenden battles Master Dek.

Brenden gives it his best shot.

Manon keeps her opponent at a distance.

Brenden keeps going and going and going...

Manon fights hard against Master Dek!

Keevin demonstrates a side kick for the class.

Gavin demonstrates his side kick for the class.

Meditation - the best part of class.

Master Dek demonstrates a sparring technique.

Master Dek demonstrates the effectiveness of a low side kick.

Brenden demonstrates a high side kick.

Brenden hits his target with a low side kick.

Keevin lands a side kick during competition!

Serenity delivers attitude with her punch during competition!

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