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Team Dek performs for KMTV's Morning Blend Show.  See the
Brenden's Knife Hand Strike

Dek's Tae Kwon Do School caters to young students.  Children classes are structured so those students between the ages of five and twelve can learn Tae Kwon Do in an atmosphere that is exciting and non-intimidating.  Beginning students, 10th Kup No Belt to 8th Kup Yellow Belt, work closely with an instructor or class leader during class.  This allows them to gain confidence in their new learning environment without feeling overwhelmed or distracted. The Head Instructor is also afforded the opportunity to emphasize basic techniques which lay the groundwork for everything else.

Children who have attained the rank of 7th Kup Yellow Belt or higher are encouraged to work on more complex techniques and their training involves more free-sparring.  Advanced students are more comfortable with the curriculum allowing the Head Instructor more latitude in choosing the subject matter.

Master Dek and his instructors are committed to helping children develop the leadership skills, self-confidence and maturity it takes to become successful adults.  Children who achieve the rank of Black Belt know the importance of commitment, determination and long-term goals.  They become destined for success. 

Follow this link to view an entire gallery of photos.    Children Class Action

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