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Currently openings for all ages!

Team Dek performs for KMTV's Morning Blend Show.  See the

The junior and adult students interact during class to accomplish a common goal - to become better martial artists and respectable Black Belts.  Training consists of the traditional training of basics, hyungs (forms), one-step combinations and free-sparring.  In addition, Master Dek has invested in a variety of kicking and focus pads, kicking bags and agility equipment to further improve students' skills.  You may notice the red T-Shirts in some of the photos.  We get to wear them on Thursday for "Red T-Shirt Day."

Master Dek and his instructors push towards excellence.  The photos below reflect the results of Master Dek's dedication to his students and of their desire to learn. 


Manon delivers a fast, high side kick during basics

Jakob gets an opportunity to work on his side kick.

Gavin tries to take his hyung to the next level.

Gavin and Daniel demonstrate attitude.

Mr. Cleveland sets the example in hyung practice.

Mr. Charlesworth puts everything into his hyung.

Mr. Charlesworth delivers a strong knife-hand strike.

Mr. Charlesworth shows off his hyung.

Ms. Stevens performs Pyung-On IV during practice.

Ms. Stevens performs Pyung-On V.

Jakob finishes his hyung with a double knife-hand block.

Jakob executes a difficult block to demonstrate his balance, coordination and strength.

Mr. Cleveland leads the class in hyung practice.

Jakob defends himself with a roundhouse kick to Ms. Stevens' head.

Jakob executes a high side kick during one-step practice.

Ms. Stevens takes aim to Mr. Cleveland's head with a roundhouse.

Ms. Stevens defends herself with a front kick.

Ms. Stevens takes aim with another roundhouse kick.

Excellent control, Ms. Stevens!

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