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Team Dek performs for KMTV's Morning Blend Show.  See the

Tae Kwon Doists need to test their skills, prove their mettle and just plain "show off."  Action photos are the best way to communicate the rewards of practicing Tae Kwon Do.  Through photos, a Tae Kwon Doist can show the endless possibilities attainable with consistent practice. 

Photos can show the precision, grace, and skill level achievable with practice.  Photos can also reflect the determination and stoicism of the practitioner during that moment of accountability when only success matters.  Words often fail to express what photos so powerfully say.

Share these moments in the history of Master Dek, his instructors and his students that show what can be accomplished when a person is determined to succeed.  To view a larger image of the photos click on the thumbnail.  Enjoy the possibilities!


Master Dek with an amazing flying side kick!

A young Master Dek.

Master Dek shows off his roundhouse...over the top!

Master Dek executes an incredibly vertical side kick!

Some things keep getting better!

Instr. Stevens shows the strength and flexibility of her front kick.

Practicing the flying side kick.

Instr. Stevens with a left roundhouse over the bag!

...A right roundhouse over the bag!

...And a vertical side kick!

Mr. Cleveland executes a double knife-hand block.

Mr. Cleveland with a front block as he performs Pah-Say.

Mr. Cleveland leads the class in practicing hyungs (forms).

Mr. Cleveland performs Chul-Gee II.

Manon lands the double knife-hand block with attitiude!

Manon-It's all about the attitude.

Manon demonstrates a solid down block.

Manon shows her brother how to execute an amazing flying side kick.

Manon showing off her jumping front kick.

And another...

Manon also has an amazing jumping roundhouse kick.

Manon with an example of how to use the bar to perfect a side kick.

Manon executes a perfect side block in hyung practice.

Manon demonstrates how to use the bar to perfect a front kick.

Manon jumps eight kids as she nails the flying side kick!

Manon with a high side kick during floor exercises.

Manon sticks the double knife-hand block in Pah-Say.

Another beautiful jump front kick!

The girl can jump to the moon!

Manon gets very technical with her front kick.

Manon "strikes a pose" in hyung practice.

Excellent stance, Manon!

Perfect technique + strong attitude = awesome.

Blind people with pure awesomeness!

Manon shows off her jumping spin kick.

Ms. Stevens strives for perfection in hyung performance.

Ms. Stevens executes a middle punch.

Ms. Stevens lands the rising block with power.

Ms. Stevens hits the side block.

Ms. Stevens practices a coordination move.

Brenden makes it clear he's not to be messed with!

Brenden executes a nice roundhouse during one-step practice.

Brenden strives to match Manon in awesomeness.

Brenden knows practice makes perfect.

Brenden stretches out for a nice jump front kick.

Brenden gives the utmost attention to his opponent in one-steps.

Excellent jumping spin kick, Brenden!

Gavin works on his hyung performance.

Gavin demonstrates good balance and coordination.

Gavin demonstrates his jumping ability.

Jakob executes a side block as the class practices hyungs.

Jakob demonstrates a strong down block.

Kelton shows his flexibility as he executes a roundhouse kick.

Kelton demonstrates a high front kick.

Kelton lands a difficult move in Pyung-On III.

Kelton works to obtain a technically solid side kick in one-step practice.

Emily delivers a high punch as she practices her hyung.

Emily with a strong reverse punch.

Emily strives for the perfect knife-hand strike.

Mr. Charlesworth proves you're never too old to learn new tricks!

Mr. Charlesworth executes a down block in hyung performance.

Mr. Charlesworth with a side block.

Keevin delivers a high punch as he practices his hyung.

Keevin with a strong knife-hand stroke.

Nice punch, Keevin!

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